(Pictured left to right: Thierry Lewis, Nicole Martins and Andrea Merino Frosi)

Thierry Lewis, Year 12

studying A-Levels: Geography, Economics, Maths, Government and Politics

“Sixth Form for me has been an extremely friendly place amongst students and staff. I have peers and members of staff who are always willing to help me with every step of my A-Levels in order for me to progress.

Our sixth form is an extremely comfortable place to study with study rooms, and a library to work in during our study periods. I would definitely recommend our sixth form to anyone who is serious about going to university. Even if you don’t want to go to University it is still a great place to be! Our sixth form and its facilities will definitely show you the way to achieve.”


Nicole Martins, Year 12

studying A Levels: Psychology, English Literature, Spanish, Portuguese and History

“As a Year 12 student at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy, my experience has been excellent and the enrichment programs have been very helpful enabling me to know the various career paths we can take after sixth form.

Our sixth form consists of an amazing group of teachers who are willing to support each and every one of their students. The Year 12’s recently went on a trip to one of the best universities in the world: Oxford University; I loved the trip as it enabled me to get a better insight of the university and what it offers. I now aspire to further my studies in psychology and Spanish at Oxford University.

I would recommend students to attend this sixth form as it provides its students with an amazing learning environment where we can excel in our studies.”


Andrea Merino Frosi, Year 12

studying A-Levels: Biology, Geography, Economics and Spanish

“As a year 12 student, I think that Ark Evelyn Grace Academy gives me an incredible amount of support in all areas: my studies, my personal life and in helping me to make decisions for my future.

We have an amazing set of teachers that are here for us and are willing to support us after their scheduled working hours. All in all Ark Evelyn Grace Academy has an amazing learning environment which helps me excel and progress in all my studies. I love Ark Evelyn Grace Academy”