We understand how difficult it is to be young in this vibrant world that we live in. Although there are opportunities everywhere, there are also temptations and challenges that can easily sway a young person’s mind.

That’s why Evelyn Grace Academy is unique. Our staff know this and we strive every day to ensure that each student gets the right kind of support at the right time. We deliberately keep numbers small in our Sixth Form because we want every young person to be known. We want each young person to feel understood and recognised, not as a statistic or a name on a spread-sheet, but as an individual with a unique narrative, a rich interior life and a personal perspective on life that needs to be shared.

Our tutor team, our subject teachers, our pastoral support staff all work in harmonious conjunction with each other to support, advise and guide each and every young person at whatever stage of their journey they are on.

If you are an EGA student, you are part of a team of people that look out for each other, that care for each other and that respond to each other’s needs. That’s important in life.

We provide support in the following areas:

  1. Sixth Form Enrichment Programme
  2. EGA Scholars Programme
  3. University application support
  4. Alumni