Welcome to Ark Evelyn Grace Academy’s Inclusion

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy is committed to providing the conditions and opportunities to enable any child with SEN to be included fully in all aspects of school life.

Our vision is for all students to be respected and seen to have potential for improvement. Through effective teaching and learning, support and encouragement and working closely with parents and carers we can enable the fulfilment of each child’s potential, preparing them for life as successful, independent members of their community.

All student’s additional needs are catered for in every lesson, every day. Inclusion is part of the fabric of our school.

We therefore intend . . .

  • To have regard to the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs.
  • To follow the guidelines laid down by the LEA.
  • To work in partnership with the child, parent/carers, all staff, governors and outside agencies.
  • That class teachers will use a range of differentiation to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils.
  • Where a child is identified as not making adequate progress, provision that is additional to or different from that provided as part of the school’s Wave 1 support will be given. Depending on pupil progress students will receive an increased level of support based the SEN graduated response.
  • To recognise the importance of early identification through a range of assessment methods.
  • Where a child is identified as having special educational needs a ‘Personal Learning Plan’ (PLP) will be drawn up tailored to each individual child’s needs.
  • Enhance self-esteem by setting appropriate targets and high aspirations.
  • To use a variety of complementary approaches to support the class teacher and child – differentiation, 1-1, group, whole class, within the class or withdrawal when appropriate.
  • To include the child within the class, wherever and whenever practicable.
  • Endeavour to use all resources appropriately and efficiently.
  • Make full use of all the support agencies that have been made available through the LA.

We do not have any special unit attached to our school, however we are able to access the following specialist services:

  • Speech and Language Therapy with autism specialism
  • Speech and Language Therapy with literacy and language specialism
  • CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) – Lambeth CAMHs provides 1:1 face-to-face and 1:1 virtual sessions on student well-being for referred students.   
  • Educational Psychology
  • Specialist Teacher for visual and hearing impairment (when we have students who have significant impairments)
  • Vocational training for targeted students who struggle to access a traditional EBACC curriculum
  • Place2Be counselling who works with referred student with a focus on emotional self-regulation and well-being
  • In-house Social Worker provided by Lambeth Council who works with referred students who may have needs around social care and family circumstances
  • One-to-one mentoring for targeted students 


Place2Be Services: Place2Talk Letter