Our Vision 


Knowledge-Rich - At the heart of our curriculum is knowledge and information that adds to our students’ cultural capital. We have designed a curriculum which is of relevance to our context and student body and develops their knowledge of cultural diversity. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students retain this knowledge, as the more you know the more you can think about, as you cannot think about that which you do not know. We have decided what the key knowledge is which will enable our students to leave our academy cleverer and kinder. It is shared with staff in our schemes of learning front sheets and through co-planning, and it is shared with our students and parents in curriculum booklets.

Vocabulary-Rich – our curriculum is vocabulary-rich, as closing the advantage gap is about closing vocabulary gaps between word poor and word rich households. Our schemes of learning and individual lessons have set vocabulary which form the foundations of our whole-school approach to eloquence. Our heads of department have thought carefully about their vocabulary strategy, consistently using shared vocabulary acquisition techniques in their planning, along with mapping out the key vocabulary that students need to acquire across both key stages within their subject.

Mastery – our curriculum includes well-planned opportunities to retrieve essential knowledge and master its application. Students complete fortnightly knowledge and vocabulary quizzes. They are taught how to revise and how to improve their work to master the core knowledge and vocabulary. After every summative assessment, we use question-level analysis to plan our review lessons and revision schemes of work so that knowledge gaps are closed. We interleave prior knowledge by embedding low-stakes quizzes into schemes of learning and every Do Now is a low-stakes quiz with interleaved questions on prior learning.

Progression Planning - We have identified the essential knowledge for each subject in each year, reflecting on the sequencing of our units of work and the core knowledge within them. The curriculum therefore sequences this knowledge in an order which creates schema which grow and develop in our students’ minds. This allows students to complete each key stage with an excellent understanding within every subject that they study, supporting them to go on and achieve excellence in their next steps in education. Alongside academic progression, we support our students to develop their character strengths through our character curriculum. This has been mapped across the five years to ensure that they become kinder as well as cleverer and can go on to lead healthy, happy lives.

Enrichment - We offer a very broad and varied enrichment programme so that students may explore and develop their talents and character beyond the classroom. We have a timetabled period each week on a Wednesday afternoon for enrichment. We develop a love of the subjects in our curriculum with trips and visits, guest speakers, and drop-down days.


Curriculum Analysis for this academic year 

EGA Curriculum Analysis 2022/23

Any concerns regarding student progress or learning in the first instance should be raised with the appropriate Director of Learning (see staff list for details). Parents can contact the academy on 0207 737 9520 or via email requesting a call back from a Director of Learning.