Our Careers Programme is always evolving as new opportunities become available to expand student’s horizons and increase their exposure to the World of Work.

Our Careers Lead is:

Ms Francesca Hall (PG Dip Careers Education with QCG, MA)

Francesca.hall@evelyngraceacademy.org | 0207 737 9520 Ext. 136


Ark Evelyn Grace - Careers Programme

Please see below for our Careers Programme – this may change as new opportunities arise:

Time of year  KS3  KS4   
Ongoing  Speakers                


ALL Btec Music students explore careers in the Music Industry during lesson and course content.

Year 11 Career Assemblies and Tutor Time Programme (progression focus) Afterschool computer based sessions                


Drama Students to Old Vic School’s Club (20 students… 4 free performances and workshops per year

September  All Year 9 Introduction to on line platform eCLIPS                

KS3 Trinity Laben Young musicians partnership

STEM Focus – Year 10 Schools Challenge Imperial and JPMorgan                

20 Year 10 Princes Trust/SEND to EY work with Westminster Counsellors on Improving our Community.

Year 11 Princes Trust Programme to Capel Manor

October  16 Year 10: The Schools Challenge STEM Programme (completes July 2019)                

All Year 9 Preparation for Options – Buzz Quiz

25 Year 7 & 8 Doctor Detectives  run with Kings College

15 Year 7, 8 & 9 Aim Higher Black Inspirational speakers

Year 11 1:1 Careers Guidance Interviews begin  
November  Year 7 & 7 Doctor Detectives                

Year 9 Options Prep- Subject evening.

Year 9 Girls to Womanhood Programme

Year 9 Beyond the Classroom Work Related Learning Focus

Year 9 – Options Interviews

Year 10 Princes’ Trust trip PoP Brixton                


Year 10 JP Morgan Mentoring Programme

Year 10 50 students to London Skills Fair

December  Year 8 & 9 Stretch Brilliant Club – 25 G&T to work Brilliant Club on Extended Project supervised by PhD students Year 10 & 11 Work Experience for SEND students                

Year 10 Princes Trust Lambeth College Taster Sessions

Year 10 Goldman Sachs BAC Boys Mentoring Programme

Year 10 Panathlon for the Challenge to provide sports competitions and training days for young disadvantaged and disabled people across the UK. training

January  Year 8 & 9 Goldman Sachs Assemblies on Etiquette                

Pegasus Opera company Developing confidence in young musicians and performers

EGA Careers, Apprenticeship and College  Fair                

Year 10 Panathlon event hosted at Evelyn Grace Academy

February   KS3 – PoP Brixton and Enterprise talk All Year 11 invited to National Citizen Challenge sign up                

Year 11 SEND Students Work Experience

March  Whole School Careers Week: Series of Tutor time and class room based activities Careers Week: Series of Tutor time and class room based activities  
April   KS3 Drop Down Day of Activities Year 11 Intended Destinations: Check Point to ensure all Year 11 have appropriate destination post year 11  
July    Year 10 Work Related Learning Week                

Year 10 all Students  University visits