08:30 to 09:00



Tutor Group or Assembly


09:00 to 09:55



Period 1


09:55 to 10:50



Period 2


10:50 to 11:05



Break Time 


11:05 to 11:55



Period 3


11:55 to 12:45



Period 4


12:45 to 13:25



Lunch Time


13:25 to 14:20



Period 5


14.20 to 15:15



Period 6


15:15 to 16:10



Intervention / Enrichment



Student site opening times are:

The Academy site is open to students from 08.00am, Monday to Fridays weekly and at 07.45am for students attending Breakfast Club. Please ask your son/daughter not to arrive before these times.

Students leave site at 15.15pm unless they are staying for an Enrichment class such as our daily Homework Club. These end at 16.15pm.

Detentions end at 16.00pm and 16.45pm. Students should not be on site after these times unless attending a special event.

For more information on safeguarding at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy please click here.