08:30 to 08:55


Tutor Time and  Assembly 

08:55 to 09:50


Period 1

09:50 to 10:40


Period 2

10:40 to 10:55


Break Time 

10:55 to 11:50


Period 3

11:50 to 12:45


Period 4

12:45 to 13:25


Lunch Time

13:25 to 14:20


Period 5

14.20 to 15:15


Period 6

15:15 to 16:10


Period 7 -  Enrichment/ Mastery/ Intervention


Student site opening times are:

The Academy site is open to students, Monday to Fridays weekly, from 8:00am.

Students leave site at 15:15pm, unless they are staying for an Enrichment or Mastery class or an extra-curriculum activity. These classes end at 16:0pm.  Details of this can be found on your My Child at School account under "timetable".

Detentions end at 15:30pm, 15:45pm, or 16:45pm. SLT detentions on Fridays end at 16:45pm.

Students should not be on site after these times unless attending a special event.

For more information on safeguarding at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy please click here.