08:30 to 08:55



Tutor Time and  Assembly 


08:55 to 09:50



Period 1


09:50 to 10:40



Period 2


10:40 to 10:55



Break Time 


10:55 to 11:50



Period 3


11:50 to 12:40



Period 4


12:40 to 13:25



Lunch Time


13:25 to 14:20



Period 5


14.20 to 15:15



Period 6


15:15 to 15:40



Tutor Time and Assembly


15:15 to 16:10


Period 7 -  Enrichment / Intervention


Student site opening times are:

The Academy site is open to students, Monday to Fridays weekly, from 8:00am.

Due to COVID we are unable to facilitate Breakfast Club at present. Please ask your son/daughter not to arrive before the above time.

Students leave site at 15:15pm, unless they are staying for an Enrichment class such as our daily Homework Club. These classes end at 16:0pm.  Details of this can be found on your My Child at School account under "timetable".

Detentions end at 16:00pm or 16:45pm. Detentions and intervention sessions will take place where necessary with an emphasis on maintaining distancing between students. These will happen within year groups only.

Students should not be on site after these times unless attending a special event.

For more information on safeguarding at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy please click here.