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What is a Parent Forum? 

A Parent Forum is a body of parents and carers, which represents parents and carers and provides a forum for them to put forward their views to the School. The Parent Forum is representative of all parents and carers in the school community and is an inclusive and accessible way to involve parents and carers in decisions about the School.

It is a forum through which parents and carers can be consulted, learn more about the School and how they can be involved in it, be provided with information and encouraged to network with others parents and carers.  Involvement in the Parent Forum is an informal way for parent to feel involved in our School community.

Functions of the Parent Forum: 

The Parent Forum has a consultative and advisory role; it is a means to strengthen the voice of parents and carers and to enable them to express their opinions and influence students’ achievements. Parents and carers are a driving force behind their children’s progress, but also for improving the School system as a whole.

The Parent Forum gives parents and carers a route to express their opinions and ideas about the School.  Involvement in the Parent Forum is an opportunity to generate a culture of genuine participation and to attempt to reach all parents and carers of all backgrounds.

The Benefits of a Parent Forum 

The following benefits of having a Parent Forum have been identified: 

  • The School draws new and different parents and carers into active involvement
  • The school gains an understanding of parents’ and  carers’ views and experiences
  • The school demonstrates that the School is engaging with parents and carers
  • The school works with parents and carers to find solutions


Our Vision and Mission

The Vision 

Evelyn Grace Academy, Parent Forum aspires to reach out and engage with all parents and carers, providing them with a voice and to actively contribute to making a difference to the educational and life experience of students. 

The Mission 

Come and join us, and help all our children become “Cleverer and kinder every day”.


Yours sincerely,

Ms Sophia Thomas (Assistant Principal - Safeguarding and Attendance)

Upcoming Parent Forum Dates:

All Parents and Carers are welcome to attend. Meetings will take place virtually using Microsoft teams. If you are interested in joining the Parent Forum, please return the following reply slip below:

For more information please email Ms Thomas at sophia.thomas@evelyngraceacademy.org.

*To virtually meet with you, we will require your current email address. If your email has changed – please forward your new email address to admin@evelyngraceacademy.org.


Please feel free to join us on the following dates below: 

22nd October 2020                                              

18.00pm - 19.00pm

Theme: Community Engagement                 Forum Agenda  Forum Minutes    



10th December 2020                                        

18.00pm - 19.00pm

Theme: Climate and Culture              
04th February 2021                                              

18.00pm - 19.00pm

Theme: Teaching and Learning
13th May 2021                                          

18.00pm - 19.00pm

Theme: Year 7 Transition
08th July 2021               

18.00pm - 19.00pm 

Theme: Review and School Direction

Parent Forum – Q&A on Lockdown Updates

We will be holding a Parent Forum via Microsoft Teams each and every Tuesday between 3:00pm-3:30pm. Our Principal, Tim Dainty will be available to answer questions about remote learning, COVID lockdowns and more.

Details of the meeting will be sent to parents via email.


EGA Parent Forum - Lockdown Updates 18.01.2021

EGA Parent Forum - Lockdown Updates 25.01.2021