EGA Chromebook Programme

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the whole country and our Academy how important it is for children to access their learning. While we cannot ever replace the classroom, we can help to close gaps in learning that have opened since schools were closed by enabling our pupils to manage some of their own learning at home. The best way to achieve this is to have a suitable device and a broadband internet connection at home.

A Chromebook on Loan

As an EGA student your child is entitled to a brand new Chromebook on loan for the rest of their time at the Academy. This device would be kept at home to support their learning and to enable them to access their lessons from home if we have to send children home as a result of COVID-19. Your child can use the Chromebook to help them complete their homework, access any catch-up resources that teachers share with them, and provide a gateway to the World Wide Web - enabling your child to independently develop their learning further. There is no charge to borrow this device. However, you will have to pay if the Chromebook is stolen, lost or damaged. You will be required to sign a contract to this effect, which we will talk through with you.

Supporting Learning at Home

To help your child make the most of their device, we are putting together a range of resources in one place – Ark SPArk – so that your child can find activities and resources to match their learning in schools, as well as access to new tools that might help them to catch up. We also have other online portals such as Show My Homework, Hegarty Maths and Seneca Learning that our students can access.