Year 9 students meet Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich

In partnership with the Holocaust Education Trust (HET), our partners JP Morgan, hosted a conversation with Mala Tribich. An exclusive invitation was extended only to our students by JP Morgan. Five of our Year 9 students attended the talk (Junita, Yarhanna, Kyle, Jake and Shannay - all pictured above with Mala Tribich).

Mala shared her personal story of surviving the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, and Nazi-occupied Poland, during the Holocaust. She also went on to discuss the importance of continuing efforts to raise awareness and the importance of speaking out against intolerance.

Pictured: Representatives from JP Morgan and Mala Tribich with Our Year 9 students, Mr Gayle and Mr Wingate, who accompanied them on this trip)

Opening remarks on the day were provided by Karen Pollock, MBE, Chief Executive of HET. It was a wonderful experience and opportunity for our students to be apart of and witness.

Mr Gayle (Head of Art and Design) accompanied our students. He said, "our students asked some amazingly sophisticated and pertinent questions which surprised Mala; who praised their curiosity and eloquence".

Here is what one of our students had to say:

Yarianna Median Tolentino, Year 9 

The trip to JP Morgan to hear Mala (the holocaust 89 year old survivor) talk was such a treat. I really enjoyed it because Mala’s story made an impact on me. It is one of bravery, courage and sadness. Witnessing a holocaust survivor tell such a hard story made me feel compassion about the life that a holocaust survivor from World War 2 would have had to live. It is incredible, how after living through all she had been through, she survived  and has lived this last century, moving on with life without her family. It is an incredible story.

I just want to say it is important that all young people have the opportunity to listen to someone’s hardship especially from World War2, to truly see how lucky we are to have not had to live through those times. It makes you really appreciative of the sacrifices made and appreciative of all you have today.

Mala's talk taught me that it is always important to always have hope… if you feel there is no way out, you will never have the strength to try. She managed to keep going, had hope, kept trying, got out and survived.