Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(pictured above: staff and students pose for a group photo after singing christmas carols for all to enjoy during lunch break)

Important Notices:

Please be reminded of the following:

  • The academy will be closed to all students from Monday 24th December 2018 - Monday 07th Janauary 2019
  • Monday 07th January 2019 - Staff Training (No students allowed on site)
  • School RESUMES as normal for all students - Tuesday 8th January 2019, 8:25am
Message from the Principal

Our mission is to build a community of cleverer and kinder students. We are on our way! This has been the most enjoyable term of my career to date as we have achieved so much. Last year, we laid solid foundations for year 2 and as a result we have improved behaviour and attendance significantly. Exclusions have reduced by 92% when comparing the first term in 2017. Similarly, attendance has risen above national (94.6%) to 95.2%. This is down to the efforts and hard work of everyone involved. It could not happen without students making a sustained effort to come into school every day; parents insisting that their children get to school and staff following up on any student who has any absence from school. Naturally, our aim is for all students to have 100% attendance and come to school every day.

This year, I asked staff to increase the amount that they are rewarding students. I am very glad to say that this has happened. In fact, for every sanction issued, we are issuing 7 rewards. The next step is to increase rewards yet further and reduce sanctions. All our staff have been trained in the art of catching our students doing the right thing. We ask our teachers to spend more time praising and highlighting when our students get it right. This has had a very positive impact as more students want to be seen getting it right, so copy good behaviour.

One of the highlights of the term was our celebrations of Black Britons who have made and continue to make history. On the last day of the first half of term, all the staff wore a T Shirt, proudly emblazoned with the words: ‘BLACK BRITONS MAKING HISTORY’. This was coupled with a series of assemblies on the contributions of black Britons to our country, ably led by        Mr Morrissey, our Associate Assistant Principal. We also created a display of some of the most powerful and influential black people in Britain today. It has been a privilege to ask so many of our students what they intend to achieve to be the next ‘face’ on a future display.

Another great moment was when many of our Year 11 girls had the privilege of hearing Michelle Obama speak at the Royal Festival Hall. She was an inspiration to us all. Her self-belief; sense of humanity and level-headed outlook left our students feeling excited about what they could achieve in life.

The academy has been buzzing with activity and energy. I am left feeling very proud of all our students and staff.

I would also like to offer a huge thank you to all our parents for their continued support. We could not get the best out of them without your support.

I wish you all a very restful holiday and a Happy Christmas break and New Year.

Tim Dainty
Principal, ARK Evelyn Grace Academy