Staff and Students get into the spirit of 'World Book Day 2017'!

(pictured: This year's staff winner for most guessed book character - Mr Hall, with Year 7 students)

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, staff and students celebrated world book day in such a creative and fun way.

Across the academy, staff wore cryptic badges with riddles of famous book characters to which students had to guess the character.

Well done to Mr Hall (PE), who was the most guessed character by staff and students. His character was 'Tigger'.

Students were given checklists, which they used to keep score of how many teachers they found and guessed correctly. Each checklist was then put into a prize draw.

Top Scores

The students who received top scores for guessing the most characters where:

In Year 8 - Mrooj Salih

In Year 10 - Diogo Cabral

In Year 11 - Ikran Weheliye and Monsurat Sadiku


It was really great to see staff and students interacting with each other in such a fun way. The day was filled with so much excitement and laughter by all.

Thank you to Ms Edwards for organising the day.

Thank you to all staff who took part:
Mr Hanson Artful Dodger
Ms Edwards Michonne/Minnie Minx
Miss Manlay Fool (King Lear)
Miss Sookdew Lennie
Mr Howells Scrooge
Mr Gayle James (Giant Peach)
Miss Crawley Alice in Wonderland
Mr Owoh Oberon
Ms Hall Skullduggery
Mr Webb Legolas LOTR
Mr Rodrigues Dennis the Menace
Miss Thies Friar Lawrence
Mr Morrissey Don John (MAAN)
Mr Wingate The BFG
Mr Kemp Mr Twit
Miss Bridges Hermione
Miss Angileh Dumbledore
Mr Hall Tigger
Mr Hanlon King Lear
Mr Kynaston Sherlock Holmes
Mr Hanlon King Lear
Miss Feasey Lady Macbeth
Mr Morris (PE) Mad Hatter
Mr Beckford Lucifer (Morning Star)
Mr Ullah The Beast (B& the B)
Miss Caesar Lois Lane
Miss McCarthy Wonder Woman
Miss Mhizha Perks wallflower chara
Miss Oldbury Katniss Everdeen
Miss Hamilton Adrian Mole
Mrs Boothe Inspector
Miss Carneiro Cat in the Hat