Sports Day 2019

Written by Mr Wingate, Head of PE at EGA.
Photography by Ms Lawal, Attendance Officer at EGA

Sports Day this year was a fantastic event. In the blazing sunshine at Wimbledon Athletics track, all students and staff represented their houses in fine form with a real cohesive community spirit.

Our house teams:

Students competed individually in the hope of valiantly winning medals, but also as representatives of their houses. Everyone cheered each other on, and all students either athletic or less athletic felt confident to take part and feel the positive spirit of the day.

The house colours also looked amazing, setting a very positive culture for further developments in this area for 2019/20. The staff relay also connected the academy with lots of staff competing and being cheered on by their gleeful students in the stands.

The final scores were:
Year 7 Rank
Total Points
1 Ashby 231
3 Brockwell 158
2 Effra 210
4 Windrush 124


Year 8 Rank
Total Points
2 Ashby 208
3 Brockwell 186
1 Effra 232
4 Windrush 163


Year 9 Rank
Total Points
1 Ashby 209
4 Brockwell 120
2 Effra 167
3 Windrush 137


Overall Winners
Total Points
1 Ashby 648
3 Brockwell 464
2 Effra 609
4 Windrush 424

Well done to Ashby for winning 1st place this year!

Congratulations also to Mr Wingate who was awarded 'Hero of the week' for all his hard work overall this term (especially for organising a successful Sports Day event for all)