The Schools Challenge Programme 2019 with Imperial London and J.P Morgan

(pictured above: Year 9 students with their prototypes)

Students from schools all across London, including our students here at EGA were given the opportunity to develop their own solution to a real-world problem of ‘How to Tackle Pollution in our Cities’. 

This project was done in three stages with the support of various professionals from Imperial London College:

Stage 1

Imperial College PhD students met with our students and gave their technical expertise teaching our students how to use exciting tools and making techniques within Imperial’s state of the art makerspace.

Stage 2

Students where given the opportunity to work in a high-tech DT studio, to design and make a prototype of their solution enabling them to extend their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

J.P. Morgan mentors supported our students through business planning and the writing of their own pitches which was used to ‘sell’ their idea to a host of renown scientists and thinkers on the global environment industry. It was a valuable opportunity for participants to develop useful skills – in particular, problem solving, presentation skills and teamwork – and consider how they can apply them to future careers.

By writing up their experiences and what they did in a scientific diary the project also has an eye on the future with the chance for participants to earn a nationally recognised CREST Awards. 

This award  will help them stand out from the competition in future university and job applications.

Do take time to look at the prototypes next time you are in our reception.