Perfomances of Disney High School Musical jr, are a Great Success!

We are delighted to announce the success of our first ever school musical.

On December 19th and 20th, 2016, our students presented the first academy musical, Disney’s High School Musical, Jr.  The audition process took place in July 2016, and roles were cast in September.  A 17-week rehearsal process began and students worked diligently to learn their lines, choreography, songs and acting direction, attending 3 rehearsals each week.

Saturday and half-term rehearsals took place, and students developed new friendships and a strong sense of team work, as they progressed through the process. 

My High School Musical experience was amazing!  When I first started I like all the songs and met new people.  I welcomed the year 7’s and made friend with them.  I thought that we weren’t going to make it, but when I saw the stage and all the costumes and lighting, I knew that we could pull it off!  When we did the performance, I felt I wanted to watch it instead, because it was so good and AMAZING!

Diogo Cabral, Year 10

(Casted as Jack Scott)

My experience in High School Musical was amazing!  Playing the part of Martha Cox was unbelievable!  This was the most amazing play I have ever acted in.  I didn’t know anyone in the cast at the start, however, after one week it became the ‘Musical Family’!

From your best cheeky star, Rhian!

Rhian Coleman, Year 7

(Casted as Martha Cox)

Not only were our students involved in the actual performance process they where also very much involved in creating a strong backstage, set design, sound and lighting. They really gave all they had to ever part of this production.

My High School Musical experience was awesome, because when I started I didn’t know anybody, and at the end I knew everybody.  I look forward to doing future plays and musicals because of my love singing and acting.  #pieface #highschoolbop This will forever stay with me!  I loved the experience.

Yours sincerely, Ambie xx !!!

Amber Burley, Year 7 (Casted as Cyndra)

Our Students worked closely with Ms Hurst (Head of Music), who took the role of Producer and Musical Director, and Mr Kemp (Head of Drama), who took the role of Director.  Live music for the show was performed by our staff band, made up of EGA’s Instrumental Music Teacher’s and led by Band Director, Mr Stewart.  Issac Zumbu (year 8) and Emmanuel Olaniyan (year 9) made up the Drumming Corp, performing with the staff band throughout the show. 

The set and props were designed and painted by Mr Gayle (Head of Art) and his student team, along with support from Mr Hamed from the Resistant Material department. 

My High School Musical experience was amazing, especially when they added the stage, the lights, and the live band!  When I had my experience, I felt good and really happy!  Meeting with other people that were excellent actors, and singing all the catchy songs was great.  So many of the songs are still stuck in my head, now!

Joel Samuels, Year 9 (Mongo)

We had Mr Jabrane and Mr Tomlin taking pictures on the night. Refreshments were also sold by Ms Simpson and her Student Enterprise team; and last but not least, our sixth form students worked front of house, greeting our guests upon arrival. This was a real team effort and the support recieved accross the academy was truly something special!

Following each performance our students recieved a standing ovation and great feedback on social media. We are happy for all those who attended and throughly enjoyed the hard work of our staff and students.


Thank you for inviting me to your first Evelyn Grace Musical. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and was hugely impressed by the professionalism of all the cast and the production. Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun, and you could tell just how committed they were to the project by their intense engagement in acting, singing and dancing. A very uplifting way to spend a cold winter’s evening. Congratulations to everyone involved, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with EGA over the next two years.

Helen Hendry, Widening Participation Manager

(Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance) 

Performances were presented to our local primary schools, at our Primary Matinee, and our two evening performances were well attended. 

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to all of our students, who performed or worked in a technical role on both nights, and to those who attended as audience members.  Also to all of the staff members at EGA who came out to support the Musical, and to those who provided help during the preparations for the show. Well done!