NBA All Star Luol Deng pays surprise visit to students at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy

Ahead of assessment week for Year 7 and 8 students at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy, Luol Deng and his sister Arek Deng paid a surprise visit to the academy to inspire and prepare students.

Both gave a motivational speech in which they shared their stories of how they were able to achieve their goals and aspirations; and the fundamental principles they still hold onto which enables them to achieve.

It was an interactive, thought provoking and inspirational session for students at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy. Students had the opportunity to ask questions as well as share their own goals and aspirations with Luol. Students received valuable advice and encouragement. Luol advised our students to be brave and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Luol Deng, NBA All star said “My main message or focus that I wanted to share with the students at Ark Evelyn Grace today is in order to be great at what you do you have to be committed to achieving your goals. More importantly do not to be shy or afraid of sharing out loud who you want to be, because by doing so you then start challenging yourself. Act like who you want to be, put in the time and good things will happen! I want students to know that every time you take a step forward you will have to put in a lot more work to get to where you want to be. Greatness is the result of hard work, discipline and not being afraid. Every one of you can achieve this”

Mr Tim Dainty, Principal at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy said “We are all so lucky to have heard Luol speak. He was inspirational but also very down to earth. Everything he said seemed to match our values of self-discipline, endeavour and excellence. People warn you that you will be disappointed if you meet your heroes. However, there was nothing disappointing about meeting and listening to Luol. Not only did he come from very similar backgrounds to many of our students, his incredible success in basketball has not made him in any way arrogant. Quite the opposite, he was an absolute gentleman and the students were truly awestruck throughout. To hear a man who was raised in South London and started his basketball career here and then go on to this kind of success is a wonderful example to every member of our academy"

A very special 'Thank you' to Luol and Arek for visiting us and inspiring our students.