Michelle Obama inspires EGA students at London's Royal Festival Hall

Tuesday 04 December 2018

On Monday 3rd December 2018, students at EGA attended the UK exclusive event 'Becoming: An evening with Michelle Obama', at the Royal Festival Hall, hosed by acclaimed novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Our students watched and listened to two phenomenal women conversate about Mrs Obama's highly anticipated memoir 'Becoming'.

Throughout the evening Mrs Obama shared life lessons, words of encouragment and life experiences that had propelled her to succeed. 

She encouraged our students to aspire to be the best version of themselves always.

Her words moved some of our students to tears and brought a new sense of purpose and meaning to how important education is to them all.

Each student received a free copy of Mrs Obama's memoir!

It truly was an inspirational evening. 


Pamula Goncalves, Year 10 shares her review about the evening:

As a young woman aspiring to work in education and being brought up with a conscious mind-set of the unjust world around me, I proudly state that it has been an honour and privilege watching Michele Obama. She led us into a world of profound realisation and admiration with her empowering storytelling. This left the Royal Festival Hall captivated.


I'm more than grateful for the opportunity offered by my school, in which other students and I, had been given the chance of hearing Michele Obama at her “Becoming” book tour interview. She spoke about her highly anticipated new memoir, welcoming the audience into her world and sharing with us her deep, humbling, intense experiences that have shaped her from her very own childhood days, till present times. 

Entering the Royal Festival Hall filled me with an overwhelming excitement about what to expect from this unique experience.

As we came to an end, I was passionately touched as she left us with the reminder that no matter who we’re surrounded by, each one of us is held responsible for our own success story. 

She has given me the hope, strength and dedication to make a difference in a world she works so hard to improve.

Pamula Goncalves.


*Thank you to Mr Champion (Director of English) for arranging this opportunity for our students.