Metropolitan Police awards Ms Ingham for her amazing work with families during COVID pandemic

Wednesday 09 September 2020

On Monday 7th September 2020, Ms Ingham attended the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard for an Award Ceremony honouring the excellent work of individuals and their outstanding contributions to their local communities.

Ms Ingham was nominated for this prestige award for her work and valuable contribution to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Ingham and 15 other teachers set up free online lessons during the pandemic to support students and parents with their learning at home. More than 150 people attended the virtual lessons. They benefited from English, Maths, Science and Spanish lessons at KS2, KS3 and GCSE levels. They also had lessons in extra curriculum activities such as, Karate, Taichi, Reiki, Piano, Guitar and Mental Health.

Well done Ms Ingham for your hard work. We are so proud of you!


To help support efforts like this which supports our local community, we are proud to annouce that The Metropolitan Police will be working with ARK Evelyn Grace Academy to raise students awareness of knife crime in London and how they can make our community safe.