Congratulations to our KS3 dance team, who are this year's Lambeth Youth Games Dance Champions!

(pictured above: EGA key stage 3 dance team)

Every year young people from accross lambeth compete in more than 30 different sports to represent 'Team Lambeth' in the annual London Youth Games.

On Thursday 06th February 2019, EGA hosted this years' Lambeth Youth Games Dance competition. 

We saw key stage 3 dance teams, from secondary schools, across the borough compete. Each team gave a good performance and showed great skill, creativity and enthusiasm for one anothers performances. It was a wonderful afternoon of dance!

We are extremely proud of our KS3 dancers for winning! 

Shadequa, Renae, Shania, Johanna, Zaejah, Gislaney, Oluwatunmininu, Selisa, Ruth, Amarnie and Leilah

They will now go through to represent Lambeth in the dance segment of the London Youth Games later this year!

Well done Team!