Key Stage 4 Students attend UK Book Premier 'Gutsy Women' by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

On Sunday 10th November 2019, some of our Year 11 students attended the UK book premier of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton' latest release called 'Gutsy Women' at the Southbank Centre, London.

Our school had the unforgettable opportunity of seeing Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton - two independent and achieved women.

At the trip, they discussed the diverse range of other 'gutsy' women that they themselves are heavily inspired by. It was a truly memorizing experience. It even made me reconsider how I carry myself as a young woman today.

The many diverse women which they discussed revolutionalized and benefited the world we live in today. Their stories commerated women throughout history. One of the women they spoke about was Greta Thunberg. Listening to her story was exceptionally moving.

At such a young age, she has motivated thousands of people to raise awareness about one of the worlds most serious issues; global warming.

From the perspective of such renowned women such as Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, it was wonderful to see that someone in such a high positions as them actively recognised the arguments or causes of other women.