EGA celebrates Black History

EGA’s third Black History Month Celebration took place on the last day of term last month, Friday 21st October 2016. 

The premise for this particular celebration was not only to acknowledge the achievements of people that have made huge contributions to today’s society, but to also have students focus on the chosen theme of Identity.

It was hoped that the students would be challenged to reflect on the way that they are perceived by others, whether this was on the basis of skin colour, behaviour and attitudes or actions; and also to focus on how they see others.

Additionally, the BHM celebration was an opportunity to allow students to think about some derogatory words they may use to describe themselves or to refer to others, to understand the history behind the language and the harm or pain caused from using these words. We wanted students to realise the many battles fought by people of all ethnicities to rid society of discrimination, segregation and inequality.  

Many of the people we now celebrate as part of BHM had different races/cultures within their heritage and this could not be identified from looking solely at the colour of their skin.  The artists invited to participate were informed that Identity was theme for the celebration, and they did not disappoint with the very powerful messages they delivered to the students through their performances.  

The artists for this year's celebration included Sun SonLyte, a 20 year old rapper and spoken word poet, Iman-Lyrics, a 19 year old contemporary dancer and Lawrence Rowe, 23 year singer and actor.  

We also had magnificent poetry, singing and dancing from some of our EGA students, Rhian Coleman, Matthew Clayton and Shaden Arafa all in Year 7 and Assya Benmeriem in Year 8.

Thank you and well done to Ms Fuller and Mr Jegede for this wonderful show of appreciation, self reflection and celebration of Black History!