Black Lives Matter

Tuesday 23 June 2020

As a community, we have been deeply shocked and saddened by the death of George Floyd in the USA. The global protests have served as a reminder that no matter how much racial inequality there continues to be, millions of people are standing up and challenging this injustice. As a school, we are deeply committed to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ agenda. Our school’s location in Brixton means our community is diverse and we are very proud of the Black community that forms the majority of our student body.

We are only too aware that there are so many injustices disproportionately affecting black communities over any other. There is inequality in education, employment, the criminal justice system and many other areas of social life. One of the central purposes of our school is to tackle this injustice and provide the kind of education that will empower our students to secure good financial futures. We know that as teachers it is our job to help all our students become cleverer and kinder every day. We know excellent teaching and the provision of a strong character curriculum will enable everyone to live happy and fulfilling, personal and professional lives. Given the racism in society, we know the success of our mission is particularly important for our Black students. As a staff, we are committed to work relentlessly in the pursuit of our goals and thereby fight for social justice.

As a community we have come together as one to voice our opposition to racism and inequality. We have discussed as an entire body of staff how we can support the Black Lives Matter agenda. We have listened and will continue to listen to our students who have voiced their own anger and opposition to continued racial inequality. Their thoughts, poems and art will be brought together and published as an anthology. Our middle leaders have come together to develop all their curriculums so that we are sure that the rich cultural heritage of our community and wider society is reflected in what we teach. It is of real importance that our students understand the role and contribution of Black and ethnic minority Britons though the course of history and through every aspect of society. This will remain a continued effort and source of energy.

We wish to be a leading voice in our network and community on the issue of social justice and a fight against racial inequality. A group of volunteers has formed a diversity group and they will continue to meet to discuss how we might secure the very best outcomes for our black students. We are so proud of our student body and we are equally proud of the harmony that exists between the rich cultural heritages that co-exist within our community. We are united as one; all stood shoulder to shoulder in opposition against inequality and racism.


Mr Tim Dainty