Amazing Artwork displaying Sherlock Holmes by Oliwier Slomski (Yr 8)

Thursday 29 November 2018

Well done to Oliwier Slomski from Year 8 

As part of his english reading homework, Oliwier spent four days creating the above pictured masterpiece depicting his imagery of Sherlock Holmes.

In his own words, Oliwier shares his creative process:

"Through reading books, watching clips and listening to Mr Amoah teaching us about Sherlock Holmes, I became intrigued by the charecter of Sherlock Holmes. I was able to remember what he looked like and all the things he did. This inspired the design of my homework. I really enjoyed learning about Sherlock Holmes, so I was really happy when Mr Amoah set this homework."

The homework set was to plan, prepare and bring in resources for a Sherlock Holmes creative challenge.  Following successful completion of their assessment, the students were tasked with demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Sherlock Holmes through creative means.

Oliwier used cardboard, plastic, fabric, hot glue and paint to produce his creation.

Mr Amoah (Teacher of English and Media studies) said "I was absolutely thrilled to see the effort Oliwier had put into his work, for which he has been very humble.  The class were all impressed with what he had produced and have definitely taken inspiration from it."

Well done!