2019 GCSE results success for students at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy

Wednesday 14 August 2019

GCSE success for students at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy

Evelyn Grace Academy Principal, Tim Dainty said: “I am very proud of the endeavour of staff and students at Evelyn Grace. These results prove once again that there can be no substitute for hard work. The high expectations we have has helped many of our students secure some great results that enable them to go on and pursue the career of their choice.”

Among Evelyn Grace’s strongest performers in this year’s GCSEs were:

Amarie Phillips, who got two grade 9s in biology and chemistry; two grade 8s in maths and physics; five grade 7s in English literature, computer science, geography, P.E. and Spanish, and one grade 6 in English language.

“Work hard – working hard is the most important thing that you will need to do if you are going to be successful during your school life. Natural ability will not be enough. I worked hard and it paid off.”

Bruno Rocha Silva, who got three grade 8s in maths, biology and history; one A* in Portuguese; five grade 7s in English Literature, English language, art, chemistry and physics; and two grade 6s in Mandarin and art.

“I was in an unfamiliar environment when I arrived in the country, since then my English has improved. My journey as an immigrant has taken place whilst I have been at this school. If I hadn’t met some of the staff here I would not have achieved the grades I have.”

Khalida Hamidi, who got one grade 8 in Mandarin; four grade 7s in chemistry, physics, geography and English literature and five grade 6s in biology, computer science, English language, maths and PE.

“Don’t stress – actually enjoy the process. It doesn’t matter what others think. Never give up. Keep trying and have high expectations of yourself.”

Pamula Goncalves, who got one grade 9 in Spanish; two grade 7s in English literature and art; an A in Portuguese; four grade 6s in English language, geography, maths and art; two grade 5s in biology and chemistry.

“It was absolutely worth it. Hard work! Hard work! Hard work! My teachers, friends and family all helped to make this a great experience and I will continue this journey and make everyone proud.”

Charmaine Miguel, who got one grade 8 in religious studies; four grade 7s in Spanish, history, English literature and English language; one grade 6 in chemistry; and three grade 5s in biology, maths and physics.

“Even if you feel like you’re not smart enough, keep revising, keep working hard. In year 7 I struggled but I didn’t give up and now I have achieved the grades I desired.”

Nii Okani-Anang Tettey, who got one grade 9 in history; two grade 7s in maths and biology; two grade 6s in English language and physics; four grade 5s in chemistry, business, PE and English literature.

“My older brothers set the bar high and I’m really proud to have followed in their footsteps and achieve some amazing results.  The 5 years at EGA have developed me as an individual, a student and a member of society. As my older brother once said; ‘I am achievement, I am talent, I am a TETTEY!”