Welcome to Evelyn Grace Academy’s Music Department.

Head of Music Mrs McGarry

Music Department Vision:

To inspire all learners in Musical achievement and attainment through the exploration of a range of musical styles, instruments, performance and composition techniques.

KS3 Music Curriculum

All students follow a programme which provides an introduction to music including the elements such as rhythm, pitch and tempo. The Key Stage 3 curriculum acts as a vehicle for developing further skills in performing as well as listening and composition.

Year 7

Autumn 1: STOMP!
Autumn 2: Finding your voice
Spring: The Power of Pentatonic 
Summer: 4 Chord songs

Year 8

Autumn 1: The Beauty of Baroque
Autumn 2: 4 Chord mash up
Spring: Djembe
Summer: Band Carousel 

Year 9

Autumn 1: the Beauty of Baroque
Autumn 2: 4 Chord mash up
Spring: Brazil meets Jazz
Summer: Club Dance

KS4 Music Curriculum:
  • Encourages students to be inspired and moved
  • Helps students to develop broader life skills and attributes, including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation
  • Enables students to engage actively in the study of music
  • Develops musical skills and interests, including the ability to make music individually and in groups
  • Enables students to understand and appreciate a range of different kinds of music
Year 11 BTEC Music

Autumn: The Music Industry/Organisations and Job Roles in the Industry
Spring: Solo Performance/Presenting Skills/Professional Development in the Music Industry
Spring: Music Sequencing/ Managing a Music Product
Summer: Music Sequencing/ Managing a Music Product


Autumn 1: Music Theory/Creative Composition/Ensemble Composition and Performance
Autumn 2: Area of Study 3 Star Wars and Solo performance rehearsal
Spring: Area of Study 2 Music for a While/ Area of Study 4 Release, solo performance rehearsal and ‘Free Composition’
Summer: Area of Study 3 Defying Gravity/ Area of Study 1 Brandenburg Concerto No.5, solo performance recordings and development of ‘Free composition’


Autumn: Area of Study 2 Killer Queen/ Area of Study 4 Samba Em Preludio/ Area of Study 1 Sonata No. 8, performance and composition tasks
Spring: Review of set works, performance and composition tasks
Summer: Review of set works

We provide access to a range of enrichment activities for all year groups including:
  • Instrumental lessons for all year groups
  • A variety of musical and drama trips
  • Musical clubs and groups
  • Music technology clubs
  • School concerts and performances
  • Work with outside agencies
How to support your child:
  • Encourage them to take an active interest in all forms of performing arts, theatre and music.
  • Where and when possible take them to see live performance/music.
  • Talk to them about the work they undertake in lessons.
  • Encourage your child to participate in the board range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer.
  • Check their planners for the homework set and support them in completing this well and on time.
  • Purchase revision guides/study materials as directed by the teaching staff.