My Time at Evelyn Grace Academy


Allan J. Welch, Head Boy at Evelyn Grace Academy

Evelyn Grace Academy has shaped me into a person who can remain positive through tough situations. The school has given me the motivation to see things through, rather than quit. Furthermore, through our Sixth Form, I have learned to be even more grateful for the people within my school community that care, and truly see the best in me as a person and not just as a student.



Sixth Form - Student Voice

Ismahan Abdi, Year 12:

Evelyn Grace Academy has made me the woman I am today in terms of personality and academically. The support at EGA is amazing wheather it be personal or educational, staff are there for you and willing to go to any length to see students succed and be happy in the decisions they make. All in all my experiences at EGA has shapped me as a person. It has given me many opportunties and opended many doors for me, which I will be eternally grateful for.

Carla Martins, Year 12:

My experience at EGA has been very successful in terms of my results and it has also contributed in making me become the person who I am.

For my GCSE's I achieved 2 A*s, 7 As and 2 Bs. This has opened doors for me to be able to do any A-Level I want. Some of my teachers where fundamental in allowing me to achieve the grades I did. The extracurricular activites and projects that I am a part of (such as Future Scholars) are going to help me in the process of appyling to university. Overall my experience has been great and I have met some  amazing people in this journey.

I have participated in sports clubs (such as netball) in which I have gained medals. I can truly say I am proud of the opportunites that have been made available to me here at EGA.

Delice Mambi-Lambu, Year 12:

My time at EGA has been fantastic. I have matured through various experiences and that has been thanks to the amazing effort put in by the teachers (whether or not you enjoy the subject, teachers would make your life experience at EGA great). I am grateful as a former alumni of the secoundary academy to be able to achieve amazing GCSE results (2A*, 6 As and 3 Bs) and to have also had a life experience that has given me even better opportunities through trips, sports and communinty event (to name a few).