Summer Exams - Year 11, 12 & 13

Dear Parent/ Carer and students of Ark EGA,

Please note that our summer exams for Year 11 and Sixth Form students commence Monday 15th May 2017 to Thursday 29th June 2017.

View our exams timetable here:

Exams Timetable - Summer 2017

Summer Exams Expectations
  • Mobile Phones – Students are not allowed to have a mobile phone on them in the exam hall/classroom.  Mobile Phones must be switched off and in their bags before they enter the exam hall/classroom.
  • Pencil Cases – These must be clear with only equipment needed for the exam.  Students should not have notebooks, EGA student passports etc in their pencil cases.
  • Calculators – Must have the cases off.  Only the actual calculator is allowed on their desks.
  • Water Bottles – Must be a clear bottle and have the labels removed
  • Coats and Bags – to be placed at the back of the exam hall/classroom
  • Black Pens – Students need to have a black pen for all their exams
  • Once students enter the exam room they must be in silence and remain in silence – they must follow the invigilators instructions at all times
  • Students must not turn around and be silly or try to distract other students in any way
  • Students need to remain in their seats until the paper has finished if they have finished before the end of the exam – they should actually take the full exam time to fully check their answers
  • When they leave they must also remain in silence – from the Sports Hall until they are outside of the PE block, as they are also exams going on in the Dance Studio

If students do not follow the above expectations the lead invigilator can disqualify the student from the exam.


Additional Information

Morning Exams will start at 9:00

  • Students will need to attend morning registration as normal at 8:20am. They will be sent down to the running track for 8.45am.  Large exams – students will need to go straight to the running track for registration before being taken into the exam hall. 

Afternoon Exams will start at 13:30

  • Students will need to go straight to the running track from the end of lunch time on afternoons they have exams.  When they do not have an exam – Students must attend DEAR time as normal.

Please note: Students must have full attendance to the Academy for Exams from 08:30 to 15:20 each day. If they do not have an exam they must attend their usual lessons.