Welcome to Evelyn Grace Academy's Design Technology Department

Our Head of Design Technology is Ms L Pattison

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Project – Passive Speaker

Design Focus –  Brutalist Architecture

Technology Focus – Vacuum forming, concrete casting and wood joints


Year 8 Project – Branding and design

Design Focus –  Design Principles, the 10 Commandments of Design, Colour Theory (Design Focus)

Technology Focus – Photoshop, CAD and Laser Cutter


Year 9 Project – Fragrance Bottle 

Design Focus –  Iterative design process, modelling and prototyping and design analysis

Technology Focus – Modelling techniques, sketching and communicating ideas successfully 


Key Stage 4

Year 10

Woods project - Electronic Speaker project focusing on modelling and prototyping. Productions methods and CAD/CAM, Finishing techniques (wood), Soldering, Circuit boards.

Metals project – Pewter casting project focusing on material properties, CAD/CAM, design ideas and design briefs

Plastics project – Acrylic Torch Project – CAD/CAM, design ideas, material properties, user needs and research

Year 10  – Theory topics covered:

  • Key ideas in design technology
  • Material properties of woods, metals and polymers
  • Designing and making theory

Year 11

NEA project coursework (self-initiated project with a examined design context)

Year 11 – Theory includes:

  • Key ideas in DT, Materials and Systems
  • Core technical knowledge
  • Specialist material knowledge (Woods, metals and polymers)
  • Design and making process.