Welcome to Evelyn Grace Academy's Business Studies Department

Our vision is to raise the achievement of all pupils, through a consistent, creative and innovative curriculum that enables pupils to grow personally and academically through an improved understanding of language and literature, shared culture and the wider world in which we live. We aim to make every lesson, for every pupil, accessible, engaging and challenging thereby promoting a culture whereby pupils enjoy their learning, take responsibility for it and ultimately become independent and confident young people who are able to excel in higher education and/or employment.

Our Head of Department is TBC

Key Stage 3 Enterprise 

With increasing international competition, economic challenges, social change and the growing pressures of a complex and uncertain world, unlocking the enterprising abilities of researchers is vital to maximise the benefits gained from excellent research.”

Enterprise is simply another name for a business. Enterprise brings together creativity and development of ideas, with problem solving skills, communication and the action needed to make things happen. Students learn to recognise, develop and apply their enterprise skills generally. These skills can equip a student for the remaining course of their academic and social lives.

The aim is to encourage: 

Enterprise capability – innovation, creativity, risk management, risk taking, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a drive to make things happen
Business and economic understanding – the ability to understand the business context

Year 8 Overview

Autumn term 1 – Introduction to enterprise
Autumn term 2 – Creativity and innovation
Spring term 1 – Deeper enterprise understanding
Spring term 2 – Planning and executing a business idea
Summer 1 -  Exploring the marketing mix
Summer 2 – Starting your own business

KS4 Curriculum 

Students have the opportunity on Business courses to acquire business knowledge, understanding and skills providing opportunities for them to develop a range of personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life and further education. 

GCSE students learn the mechanics of the business environment, how to set up a business, how to grow a business and will investigate different local businesses, identify challenges to these companies and recommend solutions to that business. Leadership, teamwork and communication and collaboration are key skills gained through this learning, as well as understanding the pressures and the expectations of the workplace.  Students will understand how a business identifies opportunities, sources finance, manages finance, makes plans, produces their products, markets their offerings to customers and manages their staff.

There are currently two routes of study. Some students can take the GCSE Business Studies qualification whilst others can choose the BTEC Business course.

How to support your child: 

  • Encourage your child to read newspapers such as the Times, the Guardian and the Telegraph. The Economist is another useful publications. There are several TV programmes which enhance learning and these include
  • Students can visit tutor2U, BBC Bitesize, Bized.com and S – Cool for help with business related topics
  • Get involved with your child’s homework; discuss tasks with them give them insight into how things have changed from your childhood compared to the present day.
  • Familiarise yourself with the specification which your child is studying. Promote literacy using a business dictionary and English thesaurus to develop and extend your child’s vocabulary.