Promoting a positive learning culture and environment


The starting point for the 'Behaviour For Learning Policy' is the establishment of the basic ground rules of the school. This implies acceptance of the following:

1. Schools are primarily about learning

2. Everyone has the right to learn

3. Everyone has the right to safety and security

4. All individuals are of equal worth

5. Attendance is compulsory

The important thing is that there is a set of ground rules which define the purpose of EGA and these cannot be negotiable.

We aim to challenge and support all students to achieve their highest potential, and promote the type of environment where this is possible.

This policy outlines the systems that we operate in school and the reasoning behind them.

We have also outlined below our Student Development Centre, which is an additional support we provide to support our students in the aim of promoting better behaviour for learning.

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy - Behaviour for Learning Policy

*For more information or to request a paper copy of our policies, please email