At Evelyn Grace Academy outstanding achievement, behaviour, attendance and punctuality is expected of every student.

The Academy's student attendance target is 100%. Every lesson counts, and it is this commitment to learning that will have a positive effect on your child’s learning at our school.


Student Guide for Attendance

  • Ensure you are in school everyday and on time
  • Take ownership and responsibility for personal attendance
  • If you are late to school you must sign in at the School Office
  • If you are late to school before 9am, you will receive a 30-minute detention
  • If you are late to school after 9am, you will receive a 60-minute detention


Parent Guide for Attendance

Absence line: 0208 161 4752

  • Call before 8:30am to notify the school if your child will be absent or late for school
  • Call every day your child will be absent, unless it is due to a long-term illness
  • Do not book holidays during term time. Term dates can be found on the website here and in your child’s planner
  • Endeavour to book all hospital apps outside of school time
  • Provide evidence of hospital appointments. Evidence can be emailed to