Welcome to Evelyn Grace Academy’s Art and Design Department

It is the goal of this Department to encourage all learners to achieve their own creativity, self-expression and to take ownership of our visual culture. Art and Design should foster visual learning of each student.

We want to create a “learning zone by a doing environment in which all lessons will encourage students to learn by providing lots of practical opportunities by providing a ‘learning’ by ‘doing’ model. 

Our Head of Department is Mr Gayle

KS3 Art, Craft, and Design (Rotation)
Year 7

Portrait and Identity

Looking at portraits, identity and colour.

Artists: Egon Schiele, Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo, Picasso and Alberto Giacometti

Year 8


At the turn of the 20th century there was a movement in Art called the German Expressionist which entailed emotions, distortion, war and trauma.

Later this movement became the Abstract Expressionist which came out of New York around the Great Depression which looked at how artists conveyed emotions through abstract forms, and colours as well as processes.

Year 9


At the turn of the Century in Paris, Andre Breton wrote the Surrealist Manifesto.

This gave birth to Surrealism. The students will explore; juxtaposition, Metamorphosis, scale, illusion, collage, automatic writing, dreams and nightmares and Fantasy.

They will explore a wide range of works from Dali, Magritte, Hanna Hoch, and Frida Kahlo.


KS4 Photography
Year 10


Students will explore camera settings and techniques through the theme situation, where they will understand how to analyse and take photographs relevant to theme. This is a foundation in digital and other forms of photography which will help students be more independent in year 11.

Year 11 

Time and place

Now knowing how to use a DSLR camera and developed artist research, students begin preparing work in response to the theme Time and Place – focusing on composition, shutter speed and their independent artist research.


GCSE Art, Craft and Design
Year 10 GCSE

Students will begin the unit of work by devising a portfolio of work based on the themes: Natural Forms and All, me, me and Mine.

They will work around the four assessment components and work to a portfolio of work exploring, drawing, painting, printing, collage and mixed media, photography and 3D.

Year 11 GCSE

Students have worked on the theme Organic Geometry and are at present working on the theme I, me, me, mine. This is 60% course work which is based on a strong portfolio of work-which can be 2D or 3D.

Mock Exam:Two day mock based on an inquiry on a specific task.

Final Exam: This is set by AQA and will be sent by January and students have

8-10 weeks to put together a journal of ideas using all the assessment components.


A Level Art

Theme: Human Form

The students have a set time to investigate the theme human Form. They will

Investigate: life drawing, Greek and Roman, Worn and Torn, issues on gender, and African Art.

For the dissertation element students will study Freud, Deleuze and Guattari and several feminist theories concerning bodies to inform their artwork, they will create a 3000 work dissertation on a theme they have chosen relating to the Human form (60% course work)

Externally set exam [40%] students will investigate an exam theme set by AQA – they must be analytical and the journal must show lots of risk-taking and developing a very strong journal of ideas. Students must be open to visit galleries and museums this is imperative to their contextualizing of art.