Vision for Teaching and Learning at Evelyn Grace Academy


At Evelyn Grace Academy we believe that meeting the needs of each individual student and helping each of them to realise their potential is central to effective learning and teaching.

We believe knowledge is power and we seek to help all our students learn and transfer all that they have learnt. A requisite of this is to enable our students to become assessment proficient and thereby practise the skills required in combination with the content being secure in our student’s minds.

Student culture is central to making all this happen and at that is why it is at the heart of what we do.

We want all students at EGA to have a quality learning experience which gives them access to:

  • Subject knowledge from the teacher
  • Quality instructions (Which means teachers will explain clearly and succinctly and question students on their understanding before then allowing them to create an identified ‘product of learning’ which demonstrates that they ‘get’ the concept and can apply it.)
  • Benefit from a consistently positive, engaging, stimulating, enriching learning time
  • Have learning opportunities which motivate, maximise enjoyment, participation and achievement.
  • Build the resilience to tackle sometimes challenging or difficult learning experiences.
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and personal qualities essential for success in a fast-changing globalised world.
  • Encourage them to aspire to the values of endeavour, excellence and self-discipline, which underpin all that we do at Evelyn Grace Academy.

At Evelyn Grace Academy we have identified 5 key components of what makes great teaching, and how we build student understanding. They reflect the key things one would expect to see in a classroom at EGA where good or outstanding learning is taking place. They are:

  1. Explanation
  2. Checking for understanding
  3. Modelling and scaffolding
  4. Deliberate practice
  5. ‘Making it stick’
  6. Four part lessons

Teachers, students and other adults in the classroom all have an important role to play in ensuring that the conditions are right for effective learning to take place.

Our EGA Priorities 


  1. Say It - Develop a whole school approach to eloquence
  2. Know It - Develop a whole school approach to improving the quality of writing
  3. Write It - Develop a Knowledge - rich curriculum with embedded strategies to help our students memorise and apply essential knowledge
  4. Do It - Embed the behaviours in our students that allow them to become cleverer and kinder

How can I support my child to become a good learner?

  • Listen to your child read for 20 minutes every day (KS3)
  • Discuss a book or an article with your child (KS4)
  • Make sure your child has a quiet space and time to do homework every day
  • Ensure your child leaves home with writing equipment, planner and appropriate books for each day
  • Talk to your child about the aspects of learning they enjoy, what they find challenging and what it means to arrive in school “ready to learn”
  • Check and sign your child’s planner to monitor homework and teacher comments at least once a week
  • Support your child by attending parent’s evenings, meetings and other Academy activities
  • Encourage your child to get a good night’s rest


Who to contact about Teaching and Learning at Evelyn Grace Academy:

If you would like to discuss aspects of your child’s learning please contact your child’s Director of Learning in the first instance.