"Lessons in the academy are characterised by high expectations and very good teacher and student relationships."
Ofsted, February 2014 & July 2017

Art Teachers

Mr G Gayle

Ms H Mansell


Buisness Studies Teacher

Mr D McEwen


Computer Science Teacher

Mr C Asuoha


Drama Teacher

Mr D Kemp


DT Teacher

Ms C Bedos


English Teachers

Mr S Champion

Ms A Crawley

Ms H Scanlan

Mr J Rowley

Ms L Noble

Ms L Paine

Mr M Hanlon

Mr N Morrissey

Ms K Heeley


Humanities Teachers

Ms K Bimson - RE

Mr A Hadden - Geography

Ms S Macmanamon - Geography

Mr A Naile - History

Ms A Kinnon - History

Mr E Evans - History

Ms D Sonmez - RE

Ms M Asefaw - RE


Maths Teachers

Mr J Jennings

Ms T Campbell

Mr A Ullah

Mr D Kidd

Ms M Laing

Ms N Bennett

Mr S Ahmed


MFL Teachers

Ms S Pia

Ms A Crispino - Spanish

Ms R Domingo - Spanish

Ms W Sun - Mandarin


Science Teachers

Ms J Isaacs-Clarke

Ms C Hickling

Ms A Mohammed

Ms B Champion

Mr C Dirkzwnicka

Ms L Derewnicka

Mr L Obosi

Mr M Wood

Mr M Hashemi

Mr R Eckersley

Mr S Hamilton

Ms G Biangue


Music Teacher

Ms S Latunji


PE Teachers

Mr M Clarke

Ms F Findlay

Mr T Hall

Ms S Allen


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