At Ark Evelyn Grace Academy, we believe in building a school culture where every student becomes cleverer and kinder every day.

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy is led by its Principal, Mr Tim Dainty and his Senior Leadership Team.

Our students are spread across five different year groups, each with their own Director of Learning and Form Tutors.

We believe that schools are not just a place of learning; they are a journey of self-discovery, intellectual enquiry and growth. This is true for every student and member of staff.

We believe that teaching and learning should be underpinned by outstanding pastoral care.


Staff list


Senior Leadership Team


Principal Mr T Dainty
Senior Vice Principal: Teaching & Learning Ms L Hehir
Vice Principal: Curriculum, Assessments & Outcomes Mr J Rowley
Associate Vice Principal: Personal Development & Well-being Mr L Daly
Assistant Principal: Culture & Ethos | DOL for Year 11 Mr N Morrissey


Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr L Daly, Associate Vice Principal
Deputy Safeguiarding Leads Mr N Morrissey, Assistant Principal & Director of Learning - Year 11
Mr E Beckford, Director of Learning - Year 10
Mr J Commettant, Director of Learning - Year 9
Mr T Hall, Director of Learning - Year 7 & 8

Directors of Learning


Director of Learning for Year 7 & 8 Mr T Hall
Director of Learning for Year 9 Mr J Commettant
Director of Learning for Year 10 Mr E Beckford
Director of Learning for Year 11 Mr N Morrissey


Form Tutors


Year 7 7 Basquiat Ms L Paine
7 Ofili Ms H Roe
7 Kahlo Mr I Oguntokun
Year 8 8 Avicenna Ms A Yeboah
8 Nightingale Ms A Byfield
8 Seacole Mr D Oldridge Turner
Year 9 9 Dean Ms E Gregory 
9 Edison Mr G Gayle
9 Guttenberg Ms C Bainbridge | Ms D Johnson
9 Lovelace Ms A Cossu
Year 10 10 Davis Ms A Crispino
10 Gandhi Mr M Clarke
10 King Ms M Simons | Mrs S Delsol
10 Mandela Ms D Ogbobine
10 Pankhurst Mr C Clarke
Year 11 11 Angelou Mr A Scott | Ms S Twyman
11 Baldwin Mr J Jennings | Mr L Thorpe
11 Bronte Mr S Ahmed | Mr H Ovey
11 Dahl Mr A Ullah

Teaching Staff



Interim Director of English Ms S Twyman
Teachers Ms C Bainbridge
Ms D Johnson
Mr I Oguntokun
Mr J Rowley
Ms L Paine
Ms M Simons
Mr N Morrissey



Director of Maths                    Mr J Jennings
Teachers Mr A Ullah
Mr S Ahmed
Ms C Crawford
Mr A Scott
Mr L Thorpe
Mr H Ovey



Director of Science Ms E Agboola
Lead Practitioner of Science Mr C Clarke
Science Technician Ms G Biange
Teachers Ms A Yeboah
Ms H Roe 


Religious Education Subject Co-odinator Ms D Ogbobine
Teachers Mr T Dainty


Geography Subject Co-ordinator        Ms E Gregory


Head of History                                                                   Mr D Oldridge-Turner
Teachers Ms A Byfield



Head of MFL                              Ms A Cossu
Teachers Ms A Crispino
Ms F Cain
Ms X Li


Business Subject Co-ordinator Ms A Crispino


Head of Art                     Mr G Gayle

Design Technology

Design Technology Teacher            Ms J Clark
Design Technology Technician Ms L Kurth


Head of Drama                      Ms L Manning


Head of Music                   Mrs S Delsol

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Piano Teacher                             Mr B Dovey
Voice Teacher Ms M Harris
Bass Guitar Mr J Logan
Drum Teacher Mr M Osbourne
Guitar Teacher Mr R Reuben


Head of PE                          Mr M Clarke
Teachers Ms L Mannings
Mr T Hall

Learning Support

Head of EAL  Mr D Brassington
Careers and Work Related Learning Advisor Ms S Case
Cover Supervisor Ms S Dolphy
Librarian and Literacy Coordinator Ms A Haney


Special Educaitonal Needs Coordinator Mr B Mitra
Senior Learning Support Assistant Ms K Weston
Internal Exclusion Manager Mr A Webb
Place2Be Mental Health Practitioner Ms A Macskovics


Academy Operational Staff

School Admin

Office Manager                                          Ms C Laidley
Administration Assistants Ms A Isherwood
Ms I Western
Personal Assistant to Principal Ms C Caesar
Finance Manager              Mr S Miah
Finance Assistant Ms J Okoye
Finance Assistant M Cover Ms P Kielczykowska


Human Resources

HR Advisor                                                                Ms S Yuksel



Data Coordinator         Vacant

IT Support

Senior IT Technician Mr H Marques
Cluster 1 Onsite Technician Ark Rotation



Attendance and Welfare Officer Ms M Lawal



Exams & Data Officer           Mr S Crossley


Site Team

Site Manager Mr G Asamoah
Site Assistants Mr H Ebikueluye
Mr J Amoah


Kitchen Team

Chef Manager Ms C Cherry
Assistant Chef Manager Ms C Nicolson
Catering Assistants Ms A Alexander
Ms A Sarpong
Ms J Beaton
Ms J Djabea Timbo
Ms J Mpowa Mwasi Ya Esengo
Ms S Hodge
Ms W Williamson


Cleaning Team - Ridge Crest

Cleaning Supervisor Ms C Perea
Morning Team Leader Mr J Aybar
Day Janitor Mr J Pedroso Teixeira
Cleaning Support Mr A Da Coste Pereira 
Ms C Da Silva Djalo
Ms E Abella Villalba
Ms E Chavarria Miranda
Mr F Gonzalez Pineda
Mr G Abella Villalba
Ms J Carmona De Aybar
Mr J Castaneda Perea
Ms K Abella
Mr M Perestrelo Marques
Mr M Silva Tavares
Ms M Holguin Rodriguez
Mr M Contreras Noba
Ms M Ivanova
Ms N De Viveiros Faria
Ms N Barrie
Ms Y Perea Benitez


    *Any concerns regarding student progress or learning in the first instance should be raised with the appropriate Director of Learning.

    Parents can contact the academy on 0207 737 9520 or via email requesting a call back from a Director of Learning.