Vision and Values

The EGA Child is one who demonstrates the qualities of:


Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity, Curiosity, Confidence and Eloquence
We instill in our students an understanding that while securing high levels of academic achievement and progress is key, we also seek to develop the whole child. In our caring learning environment, all staff are fully committed to making a difference to the lives of the students who attend the academy. We nurture each students' talents, developing in them six qualities which we believe are essential for effective learning and successful lives.


Our core values are: Excellence, Endeavour and Self-discipline


Our commitment to Parents and Carers


At Evelyn Grace Academy we will involve you as parents and carers fully in your child’s learning. By working closely with you we can ensure that each stage of your child’s educational journey is stimulating, positive and enriching. We will provide: 


  • High quality teaching
  • A curriculum that recognises and supports individual needs and promotes acceleration
  • A regular and robust assessment and reporting process that clearly shows your child’s progress
  • A high quality enrichment programme in academic, sport and music related activities
  • A wide range of educational visits locally, nationally and globally
  • Encouragement to excel in every aspect of academy life
  • Opportunities to contribute to the life of the school and develop leadership skills
  • A safe learning environment in which your child can flourish

To achieve our aims, we need your commitment and support by ensuring that your child arrives on time for school every day, equipped and ready to learn. We will ask you to sign a home school agreement and this will provide an opportunity for us to discuss our partnership in greater detail.

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