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SEND Policies

“Our mission is to create an outstanding Academy for our students who will become the leaders of tomorrow in every walk of life.

We will do what it takes to give every student the knowledge, skills, self belief and motivation to be successful in their learning.”


“The purpose for all children is the same, the goals are the same. But the help that individual children need in progressing towards them is different.”



Head of SENCO

Ms L Carneiro


Evelyn Grace Academy is an inclusive school where all students are made to feel welcome and valued. Our Academy vision sets out to ensure that all students enjoy high quality learning experiences through which they are able to achieve their full potential irrelevant of their needs. Our inclusive ethos aims to encourage all students to be actively involved in their own learning. This involves valuing all students and staff equally and reducing barriers to learning and participation. EGA aims to provide a rigorous and transformational education so that every student will find an individual pathway to University and Career Success.

The EGA SEND policy recognises the entitlement of all students to a balanced, broadly based curriculum and it reinforces the need for teaching that is fully inclusive.


Ark Evelyn Grace Academy - SEND Policy - 2016/17

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy - Accessibility Plan - 2016/17

More information about Evelyn Grace Academy's approach to inclusion can be found here.

*For more information or to request a paper copy of our policies, please email