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GCSE Results Joy

GCSE Results

Evelyn Grace Academy is celebrating strong GCSE results with some amazing student success stories.  At Evelyn Grace Academy, there was an increase in the number of students getting the EBacc – a basket of rigorous academic subjects.

Identical twin sisters scoop 16 A*s and A grades
“There was a bit of competition, but it was more about helping and supporting each other”

Twin sisters Amarachi and Onyinyechi Orie have proved to be an academic double act this year – scooping sixteen A* and A grades at GCSE between them, as well as 2 Bs. Amarachi (pictured in red) got 2 A*s, 6 As and a B in her GCSEs while her sister Onyinyechi got 1 A*, 7 As and a B.

Both sisters have been students at Ark’s Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton since 2010. Though they have many classes together and are part of the same friendship group, they have different plans for the future.

Amarachi is planning to study English at university and go into journalism or PR, and says: “My English teacher, Ms Feasey, was a journalist before she became a teacher. She’s really helped me develop my love of English and inspired me to work in communications.”

Onyinyechi wants to study medicine and become a doctor: “Our science teachers have been really inspiring and really shown us all the things you can do if you pursue science.”

Both of them say that the extracurricular opportunities from being part of the Ark network have made a big difference as well. Onyinyech says: “The school has been really supportive and given us loads of opportunities that you often don’t get elsewhere.

“We did programmes with J.P. Morgan and Entrepreneurs in Action where we were mentored on presentation skills, which will be really helpful for our future careers.”

After family tragedy, Shantel helped by her school and Kids Company to pass her GCSEs

At the beginning of her GCSEs in 2012, Shantel Harvey, a student at Ark’s Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, suffered a personal tragedy with the death of her brother: “When he was younger he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and ever since he was little the doctors have been telling us that he wouldn’t make it.

“He did survive for years, but the tumour eventually returned. When he died, my confidence really went downhill and I felt completely unmotivated to do anything at all.

Despite this personal tragedy, Shantel passed 8 GCSEs , getting an A in drama and a B in Chinese, alongside 3 other Bs and 3 C grades.

“I started getting into trouble, but the school was there to support me and help me get through it. They had a partnership with the Kids Company and I got a mentor who helped me come to terms with what had happened. He told me that I was a smart girl and guided me through it all. In some ways being here has been more like a family than a school.”

According to Shantel, the opportunities available to her at Evelyn Grace allowed her to develop many professional skills: “There were loads of extracurricular opportunities available to us. I joined the Duke of Edinburgh team, the Young Leaders Programme and became a prefect. These kinds of programmes have really helped me learn how to be a leader, especially the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which taught me the importance of team skills and partnership.”

Student who got record GCSE results despite only learning English two years ago

Two years ago, Nayane Pires was an ordinary student in a Portuguese high school near Lisbon. Now, she is about to enroll at Ark’s Evelyn Grace Academy Sixth Form and on course for impressive GCSE results, including 2 A*s, three Bs and three Cs.

Born in Brazil, Nayane arrived in England from Portugal in September 2013. She recalls that the move was not an easy one: “An obvious barrier was the language. English was new to me and I didn’t speak much at the time. I only knew the basics. There were also many more people in the city than I was used to.”

But Nayane says that the help she received at Evelyn Grace was extremely important in helping her get used to life in the UK: “I heard about Evelyn Grace Academy from a family friend, who had been here and said that it was a really good school. They were really helpful with my English.

“The school’s teacher for students who spoke English as an additional language, Miss Tralhao, put me in for extra English lessons. It really helped me improve my English.

Nayane passed both her English language and literature GCSEs securing a C grade in each, alongside Bs in maths and geography.

“It was also really difficult to make friends at first because everyone already had their friendship groups and I was new, but the school put me in contact with a Portuguese boy in my year who I could talk to which was really helpful. I have many friends now.”

Evelyn Grace Academy is rated “Good” by Ofsted.

43% of students at Evelyn Grace Academy achieved at least five A*-C grades, including maths and English.