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Year 8 Parents Evening - Thursday 23rd May – 3.45pm to 7.30pm

All Year 8 Parent/Carers welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

Half-Term Break - Monday 27th May 2019 to Friday 31st May 2019

School finishes at normal time Friday 24th May 2019 - 3:15pm. School resumes as normal Monday 3rd May 2019 at 08:25am

Summer Term GCSE and A-Level Exams

Please click here for the GCSE and A-Level exam timetables for Year's 11 and 13

TeenTech - Data Science

This was a video of an event I took a few students to at Accenture (a large data company) just before the summer term.

The event was hosted by TeenTech and Accenture where they wanted to teach students about the topic of ‘Data Science’ (or Big Data). At the start of the day none of these students knew anything about the topic but then left with a huge understanding of how to manipulate data to discover patterns and solutions to a range of real world problems from predicting the weather to determining the right player for a football team on a particular day to guarantee a certain number of goals are scored.

One of the students (Leynner Caicedo) got involved in conversations with Accenture about his smartphone app idea he came up with for the TeenTech Awards last term and they became interested in potentially working with him once they have a working model of the app to show.

Article written by:
Mr Sumair Mohammad | KS5 Coordinator for Computer Science & IT | STEM Director