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Principal and Senior Vice Principal visit sister schools in China

(Pictured - Mr Hanson with Principal Sha Guochan of Xinghua Zhaoyang Lake Junior Middle School, China)

(Pictured - Senior Vice Principal, Ms Angelina Idun with Principal Xu Lei and Vice Principal Huang Caixia - holding the words “The benevolent are not worried,  the wise are not confused.” in traditional Chinese Li Calligraphy)


In October 2015, Evelyn Grace Academy was fortunate to host a delegation of Principals from schools in China and in return, this term, both Mr Hanson (Principal) and Ms Idun (Senior Vice Principal) had the opportunity to visit China and partner with two schools in a bid to promote education around the world.

The purpose of each visit was to learn more about China (as the reciprocal visit was in 2015 to learn about the UK), its culture and its education system; and also to work towards establishing a partnership between schools in China and Ark Evelyn Grace Academy, here in Brixton. Mr Hanson visited Xinghua Zhaoyang Lake Junior Middle School and Ms Idun visited Lida Middle School, Suzhou in Jiangsu Province of China.

Both experienced the diversity and creativity in which the Chinese curriculum is taught. Mr Hanson experienced a Peking Opera performance, brush pen calligraphy, folk dance, Chinese painting art to name a few; and Ms Idun had the opportunity to tour school sites and view amazing architectural designs that incorporated nature, history and modern factors to create exciting learning environments for both staff and students. One site had its own television station, a large indoor and outdoor space where students and staff grow plants and vegetables and do pottery, which is great for the relaxation and wellbeing of students and staff.

This was an amazing experience for both Mr Hanson and Ms Idun.


Read the full report on both Mr Hanson’s and Ms Idun’s trip:

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