Sixth form prospectus

It gives me great pride to introduce you to the Evelyn Grace Academy Sixth Form.  We recognise that Sixth Form study is a period of profound transition—transition between the world of school and that of higher education, and transition between adolescence and early adulthood.  
We will equip our students with the skills, expertise and personal qualities necessary to apply with confidence to the top universities in the country and to take the next step towards fulfilling careers and happy lives.  We offer a nurturing and caring learning environment, in which our students are expected to push themselves to achieve their very best academically, socially and morally. They will receive unwavering support from our dedicated, high-quality teaching and support staff.
We are confident that our innovative and exciting offer will provide the students in our learning community with outstanding opportunities to extend their skills, develop their maturity, become independent thinkers and achieve highly.  I hope that you enjoy learning about our Sixth Form. I believe that there is no place better for you to continue your studies.  
I look forward to working with you.
Mr Hanson, Principal
The full admissions process and application form can be found by clicking here.