Important Notice

For the attention of all EGA Parents

Wednesday 29th March 2017, 5:30pm - 7pm - Year 11 Parent's Evening - All Parents are welcome to attend.

Last day of Term - Friday 31st March 2017, please note students will be dismissed at 12:10pm. Easter Half Term Break commences 01st April 2017 - 17th April 2017.

Staff Inset Day - Tuesday 18th April 2017, The school will be closed to all students. School resumes as normal Wednesday 19th April 2017, 8:20am.

Reminder: Please sign Student Planners! One of the easiest ways of keeping in touch with your child’s progress is to make sure that you have signed their planner. You can leave notes in the planner if you wish to communicate with your child’s tutor or subject teachers and keep an eye on how much homework  is being set.

We monitor our student’s planners every week and, when we see your signature, we know that we are supporting each other with your child’s education.


Your child should expect to receive homework each week and will have a positive impact on your child’s progress in school. 

Here are some of the key reasons homework is important and you may like to share these with your child:

  1. Homework teaches students the importance of planning, staying organised and taking action.
  2. Homework gives students another opportunity to review their class material.
  3. Homework gives parents a chance to see what is being taught in school.

It is important to help create an appropriate learning environment at home for your child to complete their homework successfully. Here are five useful tips that may help you:

  1. Provide a quiet place with few distractions for your child: no friends, television, mobile phones or other potential distractions should be present.
  2. Allocate enough time. Your child should complete their homework on the day their receive it.   Help them not to leave it until the last minute!
  3. Check their planner every day to ensure that they have completed all their homework.
  4. If your child needs to do their homework on a computer, make sure they avoid social network sites (Facebook) or unrelated websites.
  5. Make a routine. It will help them do the homework independently and it will become a part of their everyday routine.

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