Important Notice

Year 11 Parents Evening - Thursday 25th April 2019, 4pm

All Year 11 Parent/Carers welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

Spring Term Mock Exams

Year 11 Easter Revision Timetable: FileEaster 2019 Year 11 Timetable.pptx 

Please click here for the mock exam timetables for Year's 10, 11 and 13

Teaching staff

Mathematics Mr K. Charway - Head of Department

Ms T.Campbell
Mr A.Grogono
Mr N. Owoh
Ms M. Laing
Mr M. Lintott
Ms S. Seneratne
Mr A. Ullah

English Ms C. Feasey - Head of Department
Mr M. Hanlon
Ms A. Whitby
Ms A. Crawley
Ms F. Persaud
Mr N. Morrissey
Mr M. Smith
Ms A. Manlay
Mr G. Howells

Science Ms L Chu - Head of Department
Dr F. Lucas
Ms C. McLoughlin
Mr E. Cepe


Mr H. King
Mr B. Fogarty
Mr D. Baron
Ms N. Edney
Mr C. Wilkinson
Mr A. O'Flynn

Religious Education Ms K. Ukonu - Head of Religious Education

Ms L. Hamilton

Modern Foreign Languages Ms E. Tainsh - Head of Department

Ms M. Bragahi
Ms D. Wallace-Cabir
Ms W J. Sun

Sport Mr D. Barsby - Director of Sport and Mr S. Wingate - Head of PE

Ms N. Shawal
Ms R. Bridges

ICT Ms L. Miller - Head of Department

Mr S. Shum

Art and Textiles Mr G. Gayle - Head of Department

Mr K. Taherabadi
Ms H. Mansell

Music Ms J. Hurst - Head of Department

Ms K. Preston

Drama Mr D. Kemp

Food Technology Ms J. Nzimi

Design and Technology Mr M. Kissoon - Head of Department

Business Studies Ms P. Gray - Head of Department

Ms B. Simpson