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2017/18 Academic Year

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Years 7, 11, 12 and 13 return Thursday 7th September 2017

All Students return Monday 11th September 2017








"Teachers often use probing questioning in lessons to check students’ understanding."
Ofsted, February 2014 




Art Teachers

Mr G Gayle

Ms H Mansell

Business Studies Coordinator

Ms B Simpson

Design & Technology Teacher

Mr M Kissoon

EAL Teachers

Ms J Bragahi

Ms M Lue-Cooper

Mr J Agard - EAL Support

Economics & Business Studies Teacher

Ms L Thompson

English Teachers

Mr S Champion

Ms A Manlay

Mr M Hanlon

Ms S Boothe

Ms A Crawley

Mr N Morrissey

Ms K Sookdew

Ms S Christoforou - English (Ark Teacher Trainee)

Mr G Omoah - English & Media

Mr D Tomlin - Media Technician

Food Technology Teacher

Ms P Agbontohoma

Food Technician

Ms A Adeyoola

Geography Teachers

Mr S Ashraf

Mr A Hadden

Ms R George

History Teachers

Ms B McArthur

Ms M Meredith

Mr A O'Flynn

ICT Teachers

Mr O Awofadeju

Mr C Pitcher - Computing Teacher with responsibility for IT Pathway

Mr S Mohammad - ICT/Computing Teacher, KS5 Coordinator and STEM Coordinator

Mathematics Teachers

Mr K Charway

Ms T Campbell

Mr M Kabba

Ms M Laing

Mr A Ullah

Mr D Kidd

Mr S Ahmed - Maths & Psychology Teacher

Mr N Owoh - Maths Teacher & JP Morgan Coordinator

Ms N Bennett - Advance Maths Teacher

Mr A Grogono - KS5 Maths Coordinator

Mr J King - Maths/Music Teacher

Ms K Ussher - Maths Teacher NOW TEACH

Modern Foreign Language Teachers

Ms E Tainsh

Ms D Wallace-Cabir

Ms R.Martinez Bustelo

Ms W Ju Sun

Ms L Simmonds

Ms M Bragahi

Music Teachers

Ms J Hurst

Ms K Preston

Mr S Stewart - Performing Arts Technician

PE Teachers

Mr S Wingate

Mr T Hall

Ms M.Angileh

Psychology Teacher

Ms A Aggarwal

RE Teacher & Citizenship Coordinator

Ms L Hamilton

RE Teacher

Ms J Baawa

Resistance Material Technician

Mr A Ahmed

Science Teachers

Ms J Isaac

Mr N Thompson

Mr D.Anti - Science Teacher (KS4 Coordinator and 'Into University' Programme)

Ms V Isaac

Ms G Florence

Mr D Newton-Scott - Senior Science Technician/Cover Supervisor

Ms N Mohammed - Science Technician

Ms B Champion - Biology Teacher

Ms K Barber - Physics Lead

Mr M Santiago - Physics Teacher NOW TEACH


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