Summer Exams

Summer Exams for Years 11-13 will take place from Wednesday 9th May 2018 to Tuesday 26th June 2018 - Click here to view timetable.



"Teachers often use probing questioning in lessons to check students’ understanding."
Ofsted, February 2014 


Art Teachers

Mr G Gayle

Ms H Mansell

Business Studies Coordinator

Ms B Simpson

Design & Technology Teacher

Mr M Kissoon

EAL Teachers

Ms J Bragahi

Ms M Lue-Cooper

Mr J Agard - EAL Support

Economics & Business Studies Teacher

Ms L Thompson

English Teachers

Mr S Champion

Ms A Manlay

Mr M Hanlon

Ms S Boothe

Ms A Crawley

Mr N Morrissey

Ms K Sookdew

Ms S Christoforou - English (Ark Teacher Trainee)

Mr G Omoah - English & Media

Mr D Tomlin - Media Technician

Food Technology Teacher

Ms P Agbontohoma

Food Technician

Ms A Adeyoola

Geography Teachers

Mr S Ashraf

Mr A Hadden

Ms R George

History Teachers

Ms B McArthur

Ms M Meredith

Mr A O'Flynn

ICT Teachers

Mr O Awofadeju

Mr C Pitcher - Computing Teacher with responsibility for IT Pathway

Mr S Mohammad - ICT/Computing Teacher, KS5 Coordinator and STEM Coordinator

Mathematics Teachers

Mr K Charway

Ms T Campbell

Mr M Kabba

Ms M Laing

Mr A Ullah

Mr D Kidd

Mr S Ahmed - Maths & Psychology Teacher

Mr N Owoh - Maths Teacher & JP Morgan Coordinator

Ms N Bennett - Advance Maths Teacher

Mr A Grogono - KS5 Maths Coordinator

Mr J King - Maths/Music Teacher

Ms K Ussher - Maths Teacher NOW TEACH

Modern Foreign Language Teachers

Ms E Tainsh

Ms D Wallace-Cabir

Ms R.Martinez Bustelo

Ms W Ju Sun

Ms L Simmonds

Ms M Bragahi

Music Teachers

Ms J Hurst

Ms K Preston

Mr S Stewart - Performing Arts Technician

PE Teachers

Mr S Wingate

Mr T Hall

Ms M.Angileh

Psychology Teacher

Ms A Aggarwal

RE Teacher & Citizenship Coordinator

Ms L Hamilton

RE Teacher

Ms J Baawa

Mr A Ahmed

Science Teachers

Ms J Isaacs-Clarke

Mr N Thompson

Mr D.Anti - Science Teacher (KS4 Coordinator and 'Into University' Programme)

Ms V Isaac

Ms G Florence

Mr D Newton-Scott - Senior Science Technician/Cover Supervisor

Ms N Mohammed - Science Technician

Ms B Champion - Biology Teacher

Ms K Barber - Physics Lead

Mr M Santiago - Physics Teacher NOW TEACH


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