Important Notice

Half Term Break commences from Monday 18th February 2019 to Friday 22nd February 2019.

School resumes as normal for all students Monday 25th February 2019

Please click here for the upcoming mock exam timetables for Year's 10, 11 and 13


"Lessons in the academy are characterised by high expectations and very good teacher and student relationships."
Ofsted, February 2014 & July 2017

English Teachers

Mr S Champion

Ms J Bray

Mr M Hanlon

Ms S Boothe

Ms A Crawley

Ms H Scanlan

Ms K Sookdew

Mr P Stevens

English and Media Teacher

Mr G Amoah

Maths Teachers

Mr L Vastazos

Ms T Campbell

Mr A Ullah

Mr D Kidd

Ms N Bennett

Ms D Bailey

Maths Teacher and JP Morgan Co-ordinator

Mr N Owoh

KS5 Maths Co-ordinator

Mr A Grogono

Maths and Psycology Teacher

Mr S Ahmed

Science Teachers

Ms J Isaacs-Clarke

Mr N Thompson

Ms V Isaac

Ms G Florence

Mr D Gordon Smith (NT)

Mr P Kirby (ATT)

Physics Teacher

Mr J Williams (NT)

Biology Teacher

Ms B Champion

Mr M Wood (ATT)

Science Technican

Ms N Mohammed

Humanities Teachers
Georgaphy Teachers

Ms Bimson

Mr Hadden

Ms S Macmanamon

Mr S Ashraf

RE Teacher

Ms Baawa

RE and Citizenship Teacher

Ms Sonmez (ATT)

RE and History Teacher

Mr E Evans

History Teachers

Ms B Mcarthur

Mr T Savill

Mr A O'Flynn

MFL Teachers

Ms F Perez

Ms J Bragahi

Ms R Roige Domingo

Ms W Ju Sun

Ms Maria Crispino (ATT)

Art Teachers

Mr G Gayle

Ms Mansell

Music Teachers

Ms K Preston

Drama Teacher

Mr D Kemp

Design Technology Teacher

Ms L Pattinson

PE Teachers

Mr S Wingate

Ms F Findlay

Mr T Hall

PE Teacher and Duke of Endinburgh Co-ordinator

Ms M Angileh

Computer Science Teachers

Mr O Awofadeju

Computer Science, KS5 Co-ordinator and STEM Co-ordinator

Mr S Mohammed

Business Studies and Economics Teacher

Mr McEwen


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