Important Notice

Half Term Break commences from Monday 18th February 2019 to Friday 22nd February 2019.

School resumes as normal for all students Monday 25th February 2019

Please click here for the upcoming mock exam timetables for Year's 10, 11 and 13

Heads of Departments

"The schools efforts to raise the quality of teaching have had a positive impact on pupil’s learning...pupils have positive attitudes to learning."
Ofsted, July 2017

Director of English

Mr S Champion

2nd in command

Ms J Bray

Director of Maths

Mr L Vastazos

2nd in command

Ms T Campbell

Director of Science

Ms J Isaacs-Clarke

2nd in command

Mr N Thompson

Director of Humanities (Geography, RE, Psychology, History)

Ms K Bimson

Head of MFL

Ms F Perez

Head of EAL

Ms J Bragahi

Head of Art

Mr G Gayle

Head of Music

Ms K Preston

Head Drama

Mr D Kemp

Head of PE

Mr S Wingate

Head of Computer Science

Mr O Awofadeju



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