Heads of Departments





"Lessons in the academy are characterised by high expectations and very good relationships between teachers and students."
Ofsted, February 2014




Head of Art

Mr G Gayle

Head of Drama

Mr D Kemp

Head of Design & Technology

Mr M Kissoon

Head of EAL

Ms J Bragahi

Director of English

Mr S Champion

Head of Geography and Safeguarding Lead

Mr S Ashraf

Head of Humanities (Geography, RE, Psychology, History)

Ms K Ukonu

Head of ICT/Computing

Mr O Awofadeju

Director of Mathematics

Mr K Charway

2nd in charge of Mathematics

Ms T Campbell

Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Ms E Tainsh

2nd in charge of MFL

Ms D Wallace-Cabir

Acting 2nd in charge of MFL

Ms R Martinez Bustelo

Head of Music

Ms J Hurst

Head of PE

Mr S Wingate

Director of Science

Ms J Isaac

2nd in charge of Science

Mr N Thompson


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