Important Notice

Half Term Break commences from Monday 18th February 2019 to Friday 22nd February 2019.

School resumes as normal for all students Monday 25th February 2019

Please click here for the upcoming mock exam timetables for Year's 10, 11 and 13

Form Tutors

 ‘’Pupil behaviour is exceptionally strong and has aa positive impact on social skills, personal development and learning.’’

Ofsted, July 2017

Year 7
Tutor   Form
Mr D. Kemp  7 King
Mr G. Gayle  7 Ghandi
Ms J. Bragahi (Ms W. Ju Sun - Co-Tutor)  7 Pankhurst
Ms R. Roige Domingo  7 Mandella
Mr C. Nevitt (Mr J.Williams - Co-Tutor)  7 Davis
Year 8
Tutor   Form
 Ms K.Preston (Ms L.Pattinson - Co-Tutor)  8 Angelou
 Mr N. Thompson (Mr P. Kirby - Co-Tutor)  8 Baldwin
 Ms H. Mansell (Mr D. Gordon Smith - Co-Tutor)  8 Bronte
 Ms G. Florence   8 Dahl
 Ms V. Isaac  8 Naipaul


Year 9
Tutor   Form
 Mr A. Ullah  9 Beethoven
 Ms T. Campbell (Ms M. Crispino - Co-Tutor)  9 Dumas
 Mr T. Hall (Ms N.Bennet - Co-Tutor)  9 Fitzgerald
 Mr S. Ahmed   9 Khan
 Ms M. Angileh  9 Olivier


Year 10 
Tutor   Form
 Ms B. McArthur 10 Ennis-Hall
 Mr A. Hadden 10 Farah 
 Ms S. Macmanamon 10 Jordan
 Mr A. O’Flynn 10 Ledecky
 Ms J. Baawa (Mr. D Somnez - Co-Tutor)  10 Moore
 Mr T. Saville 10 Owens


Year 11
Tutor   Form
Mr S. Wingate 11 Banneker
Mr S. Mohamed 11 Euler 
Mr G. Amoah 11 Gaus
Ms S. Boothe 11 Johnson
Mr D. Kidd 11 Pythagoras
Ms J. Bray 11 Ramanujan
Ms K. Sookdew (Ms H. Scanlan - Co-Tutor) 11 Turing


Year 13
Tutor   Form
 Ms A. Crawley  13 Curie
 Mr A. Grogono  13 Franklin